History of Lumen Radio

The future and to a large degree the present is all about being untethered.  We are untethered to our mobile devices such as our phones, tablets and laptops.  We are untethered to all manner of portable electronic devices.  In fact, wired transmission of practically any data is becoming a rather quaint vestige of the past.  One of the many companies that recognize this fact is the award-winning and innovative Lumen Radio.  They have created groundbreaking products such as their CRMX Nova RX – DMX Receiver, their CRMX Nova RX RDM – RDM Receiver and their CRMX Nova TX – DMX transmitters all designed to enhance multi-media experiences such as concerts and theatrical productions.  Just a few years ago LumenRadio receive a PLASA for its software.  This software is a comprehensive management tool for monitoring and configuring users’ lighting networks.lumenradiologo-rgb-whitebg

LumenRadio was created in 2008 when LumenRadio founder and CTO Niclas Norlén realized that as we became more and more dependent on wireless systems, the radio of the future had to be extremely reliable. Together with engineers with different backgrounds from both the Entertainment and Telecom industries, the revolutionary and patented CRMX system was launched in 2009 – the first adaptive radio designed for the specific requirements of the Entertainment industry and now the basis of all LumenRadio products.

LumenRadio also produces entire consoles that are responsive and unobtrusive for set and lighting designers.  Its CRMX technology has won innovation awards as far back as 2009 and the company continues its innovation in spite of its many competitors.  One such innovation is its SuperNova software.  With it users are able to manage all CRMX, RDC and Art-Net compliant devices, monitor wireless signal strength, and send warnings of system errors through e-mail, push notifications to smart phones and more.  Additionally, LumenRadio’s patented Cognitive Coexistence technology is able to not be affected by other wireless signals that are operating in the same physical space.

All of these innovations are signs that LumenRadio will continue its history of creating innovating, groundbreaking technologies that will aid lighting directors in creating exhilarating visual experiences for theatre, concert and special event goers.  This is why we carry a full line of their products at Ratpac Dimmers.

Wireless Dimmers- No Noise, No Muss, No Fuss

If you’ve ever worked in production then you know, when it comes to lighting, the struggle is real. It could be argued that lighting is the most important element of any scene. Whether you’re trying to make sunlight look real or you’re trying to make sure the shadows fall just right on the ingénue and her love interest, the lighting is all encompassing on any film or television set.

The chief lighting technician, or gaffer, of a film crew carries a lot of responsibility on his or her shoulders. As if the huge importance of getting the lighting just right wasn’t enough pressure looming over their heads, gaffers must also consider budgets, choose the right equipment, manage their army of electricians and do it all with a smile on their face. I mean seriously, who’s going to want to work with a gaffer who cops an attitude or cracks under pressure?

Well, RatPac Dimm"wireless dimmers"ers may not be able to help you with the day-to-day struggles but we have certainly solved the decades long dilemma that gaffers everywhere faced regularly. The cords and noise that come along with traditional dimmers are a nightmare on set. Our quiet wireless dimmers make a gaffer’s wildest dreams come true!

Whether you’re working on a film or a movie; whether it’s a big set or a small sound stage; whether you’ve got a big budget or a little one; RatPac Dimmers has exactly what you need at great prices. Our American-made wireless dimmers are the best in the business. We offer a wide selection of dimmers and accompanying accessories both for rent and for sale. So what are you waiting for? This is the only no-brainer decision you’ll get to make on the job. Give RatPac Dimmers a call today.