LED + Light Asia 2018: On the Forefront of Tomorrow

Every year lighting professionals from around the world acknowledge Asia’s growing influence in the world of lighting technology and LED in particular. This year 9,000 trade professionals and 250 exhibitors from 15 countries will gather to meet at the LED + Light Asia 2018 5th International LED and Light Technology Show. And while we would put our American made dimmer packs and wireless DMX against that of any technology in the world, we also like to keep a watchful eye on what some of our peers are doing and of course on the trends that effect the industry and could affect your stage production, motion picture or concert. The event will be held from October 2 – 4 in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore a city that is known for pretty impressive industrial light displays.


A Few of this Year’s Exhibitors


Bon Wood Co., Ltd: Although this company is not directly involved in the lighting industry, it does have a very definite link to the theatrical world. Since 2007 they have built flooring, handrails and outdoor stages all things theater goers and stage managers would likely come into contact with.
Gabkotech Innovations Pte Ltd: This company develops several technologies related to stage management such as its Inventory Management System, Time Attendance Management System, etc. Moreover, Gabkotech is also involved in design and consultancy.
Pro Audio/Visual & Lighting Integration Association of Singapore: This leader in the audio/visual industry in Asia concerns itself with lighting used by design professionals as Asia itself is slated to become the largest market in the pro-A/V market.


Light Basic Studio Pte Ltd: This firm specializes in architectural lighting. Their motto is that they perfect light and space.led

As we said, our interests are always aligned with those who wish to push forward the technological boundaries of our profession. In this way, whether they are rivals or not we can better serve the professionals who rely on us to supply them with well made, state-of-the-art equipment to produce and engineer their shows. That is why we participate in similar events. To us it is about improving as a company and letting people know about the brands we sell and the services we deliver to our customers no matter where they are. Ratpac Dimmers is happy to be a part of all such innovation.