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Cine Gear Expo 2018: Moving Technology Forward

In order for technology to move forward in our field it takes an army of professionals in many areas to meet at times in order to exchange ideas. Opportunities like this may seem to the public as a chance to simply sell product but for us they mean a lot more. Technology drives the lighting industry and events like Cine Gear Expo 2018 are necessary so that we too can meet and discuss trends and innovations with our peers. That is why we support this year’s expo and are proud to be one of its many exhibitors. This year’s Cine Gear Expo will be held from May 31 – June 3, 2018 amidst some of the most important and innovative companies and leaders in the fields of Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Post Production, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Government and Military, Sports and Live Events

Exhibition Details

  • 300 exhibits of new products and services
  • 30+ free complimentary seminars including several master classes
  • 16,000 professionals from more than 60 countries
  • Location: The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood, CA 90038

The Exhibitors


As we said we will be among some of the leading innovators in our field bringing with us our tech such as our dimmers. (We also do Strand dimmer repair.) Some of the other exhibitors in attendance will be:


  • Ratpac Dimmers: Leaders in the manufacture and rental of lighting products such as the PDB 6 Socapex, the 24K single channel dimmer and other devices that make wireless control of lighting hardware easier and more seamless. This year we will be focusing on our 12×200 reverse phase dimmer created to control LED Tubes with a smooth dim curve down to 1% as well as the integration of our products with mobile devices.2018-05-07_1425
  • AbelCine: A company that provides products and services that are used in the broadcast and new media industries.
  • Zhengzhou Generalink Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd: G&L Lighting manufactures LED lighting for broadcasting, filmmaking, photography, video and studio fields. They have been around since 2010 and their products are used in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
  • Sony: The Sony Corporation is known throughout the world for its products and properties. It will exhibit its digital motion picture cameras, R7 portable memory recorder capturing 4K at 120fps and other innovative entertainment products.
  • Panasonic Cinema: This leading supplier of 4k cinematography gear will display products such as its 4K VariCam PURE with Codex VRAW 2.0 Recorder and well as its LUMIX GH5.


To receive alerts about the exposition follow this link. See you there.

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