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Upcoming Trends in Lighting Technology

The early 21st Century is an exciting time to be alive for technophobes in general and for those of us in the lighting industry in particular. That is because things are developing so quickly in our industry that they can hardly be listed in one posting. That is why we have attempted to narrow down some of the most exciting developments in our field. Here are several lighting industry technology trends to watch during the next decade.

  • Connectivity: As smart houses are becoming more and more common, connectivity is all about control, access and convenience. The same principal applies to lighting technology. New developments promise to continue allowing digital light technology to be able to be hooked up to and controlled over great distances.
  • Wireless: Hand in hand with connectivity is wireless technology. Wires are nearly disappearing in this world as more and people expect to be able to communicate using the power of radio frequencies, etc to control devices, etc. Our wireless dimmers packs give professionals the freedom to work without being bound to bulky wires and cables.
  • Li-Fi: Like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is about the transmission of data. However, Li-Fi uses visible light to send data. What this means is that since light is everywhere; Li-Fi could facilitate better and faster communications signals. The technology is in its infancy but is very promising.light
  • LED: Light emitting diode technology has been with us for some time. Some people, however, have been slow to embrace it. In the coming years it is predicted that more and more people will embrace LED and pair it with some of the above technologies.
  • New materials: Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakarmua has developed violet LEDS that are able to be used in a base of gallium nitride over sapphire to create better more vibrant colors that also last longer. Many other materials have shown promise in advancing light technology.

In short, companies and individuals devoted to advancing our field are beginning to achieve things that were once only dreamed of. The 21st century is a great time to be alive to witness how these technologies increase and improve entertainment experiences. These technologies, along with our Strand Dimmers, will continue to meet the challenge of the 21st century.

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