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America’s 5 Most Anticipated Holiday Light Displays

In the modern era, light displays have become a traditional part of the holiday season. Even now millions of homeowners are hanging up their Christmas lights to see whose display reigns supreme. However, few private owners can hope to match the scale and grandeur of organized light exhibits. These displays take advantage of technologies that are not readily available to most private individuals. For this reason, holiday revelers are willing to travel all around the country in order to watch this tradition that mixes art and technology. We’ve gathered some of the most highly anticipated light displays that will take place all over the country.

  • Frisco, TX: This city is home to the largest residential computerized Christmas light displays in northern Texas. Computers are used to control roughly 65,000 lights and then to synchronize those lights with music using an FM transmitter. This year the display is expected to be even more spectacular than ever.
  • Branson, Missouri: Speaking of spectacular displays, this popular Midwestern destination features dazzling special effects including a million twinkling lights that also move in sync to holiday music.
  • New York City: As American as “Big Apple” pie, the LED lights of 30 Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas time are what most of the world associates with the great city. Other light exhibits that visitors can catch when they are in the city include the displays of Saks, Lord & Taylor, Tiffany’s and Barney’s, among other famous retailers.
  • Anaheim, California: Boasting such treats as “Disney Viva Navidad Street Party”, the “Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort” and “The World of Color – Season of Light” show, Orange County has a lot going for it this and every Christmas. The festivities rflorida-2460973_640un from November 10th to January 7th.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Every year people travel to see the legendary Charlotte Motor Speedway event that features 3 million lights as well as music, a Christmas village, horse drawn carriages and other family friendly attractions. Also featured will be a laser light display and even a petting zoo for the kids.

In short, there are some truly magnificent light displays that will be taking place in all parts of the country. However, none of the displays would be possible without devices like Strand Dimmers and various wireless setups. Our customers depend on the technology we provide to make various entertainment venues more memorable be they the above light displays, concerts, theatrical performances, etc. That is why we also offer Strand Dimmer repair. Our equipment makes these venues run smoother.

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