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Ratpac Dimmers and the At Large Musical Festival/EXPO

Ratpac Dimmers – Back in the 50s and 60s, the lighting at music festivals and concerts served only to illustrate the performers and nothing more. No one had quite yet thought about marrying light with sound in order to enhance the experience for concert goers and performers alike. The 70s and beyond introduced a whole host of flamboyant performers and bands who used music to augment their unique styles and accent their distinctive compositions. Today, spectacular lighting is one of the primary considerations stage managers use in order to put together a show. That is why Ratpac Dimmers is so excited to be a part of the upcoming 1st annual At Large Musical Festival/EXPO which runs Oct. 27 through 29 at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta

What is the At Large Musical Festival/EXPO?

The festival is a collection of passionate artists, educators, business professionals, and volunteers who are gathering with the goal of creating a go to place for projects such as documentaries, features, music videos, V.R., etc. The festival’s creators believe that music and film are two perfectly paired media that up and coming artists must take every opportunity to use in their favor. Atlanta, as it so happens, has a long, rich tradition of being the launching point to many artists, educators and business professionals.IMG_0999


As we have said, Ratpac Dimmers would not miss the opportunity to attend such an important event and to showcase our wireless DMX. It will give artists and merchants a chance to interact and to ultimately move the industry forward with all the latest and greatest in wireless dimmer packs. Other attendees will include: Paul Miller (DJ Spooky) composer, multimedia artist, editor and author, DeVaughn Hughson, filmmaker, photographer, documentarian, Kathy Gray, Director of Operations & Creative Services, Crawford Media, Jeff Brugger, Creative Services Director of Sound Design at Turner Studios and many others.

Workshops and Discussions

The exchange of information is the primary function of the Festival. Aiding this goal will be workshops and discussions on the following topics and many others: Immersive Music in VR hosted by composer and technologist with Tunewelders, The Art of Scoring Silent Film by DJ Spooky and Bret Wood, The Role of Music in her Creative Process by Barbara McCullough and many more. (For a detailed list of the workshops and discussions that will be held at the festive go here.

In conclusion, our products such as our Ratpac wireless dimmers and our Ratpac Cintenna kits are a perfect match for the attendees of this first time event. We hope that our association with the event will be a long and fruitful one and that it will advance the lighting industry and further strengthen the bound that exists between music and light.

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