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Wireless DMX, Skylink and SkyPanel: The Next Logical Step

The most exciting thing about being a part of the lighting industry is witnessing how one technology is often combined with another to enhance the quality and functionality of both innovations. This is the case with ARRI and Innovative Dimmers who have teamed up to create Skylink a two-part system that allows for wireless DMX and RDM communication to SkyPanels. What are SkyPanels? SkyPanels are a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light. They incorporate the features of ARRI’s L-Series LED Fresnels. In short, SkyPanels are one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and thus can be used as a soft light or a space light. Innovative Dimmers and Ratpac Dimmers use the same kind of wireless dimmer technology and have eliminated the need for DMX cables.


This new creation, Skylink, increases the innovative features of SkyPanels which among other things are cable of


  • Being matched with existing light sources
  • Fitting into tight locations
  • Adjusting from 2.8k to 10kskylink_prod
  • Having hue and saturation control
  • Being able to be used in multiple configurations
  • An easily shaped beam
  • Move around from one location to another easily

One can easily see the many applications for which SkyPanels can be used. It is also not too difficult to see how this added convenience is made possible due to wireless DMX technology. SkyPanels can be used outdoors or inside, in theatre productions as well as concerts and in Television products and by the movie industry. These technologies merging in the way they have, demonstrates the innovation that our industry is constantly achieving. Ratpac Dimmers is a part of that innovation and is proud when a technology that we commonly use can be made to enhance another exciting device. Our wireless DMX technology is state of the art. We are very much excited to see how this creation – Skylink – evolves even further.


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