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Ratpac Dimmers: Illuminating the Future of Entertainment Lighting

There is a reason why the effects that the movie going public knows are referred to as “the magic of Hollywood.” Entertainment lighting experts constantly face the challenge of creating spectacular on- screen effects that are eye-popping and that propel the story they are trying to convey while at the same time concealing the means by which they perform this “magic” from the public. This is why they rely, more and more on our technologies that are unobtrusive and that not only help to create spectacular displays, but are more or less hidden from public view. A small list of productions that have or who are currently using our wireless dimmers and LumenRadio’s industry leading CRMX technology are:

● Gone Girl
● Fantastic Four
● Pitch Perfect
● Trumbo
● Free state of Jones
● Roots
● Avengers: Civil War II
● Jurassic World
● Passengers
● Bad Moms

Sci-fi films such as the Fantastic Four, Jurassic World and Avengers: Civil War II in particular create challenges for gaffers and lighting artists as audiences have become more demanding with each movie that comes out of Hollywood. They expect to be wowed and to let down viewers can be a death sentence for these kinds of movies that cost millions of dollars. Similarly, letting down our customers by not providing them with the latest lighting technology is not an option for us. Cintenna receivers – which plug directly into a lighting fixture without extra hardware, zip ties or cable – are especially helpful for lighting professionals who are looking for the most efficient and quickest way to communicate with an array of other equipment. We sell to bigger companies like the major studios and rent to smaller ones, equipment that can make all the difference in a production. And as anyone who works in the field of movie or TV production knows, further complications in producing features are not needed. There are a lot of moving parts that must be managed in producing a 90-minute or even a 30-minute production.

In other words, the strength of our products as everyone from lighting technicians to gaffers to other artists can attest to is that they are easy to use, reliable and functional. The productions listed here encompass several different genres which call for different and very specific lighting demands. This is why our product is used by these professionals or as Erik Messerschmitt – Chief Lighting Technician on The Fantastic Four and Gone Girl says, “They have changed the way we work for the better. Such a great product.”

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