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Cinegear Expo 2017: A Recap

Every year Hollywood, California becomes a sort of Mecca for professionals who wish to learn and share information about emerging entertainment technologies. These professionals gather from more than 60 countries for a four day series of conferences called Cinegear Expo. This year Cinegear was held from June 1 – June 4 and hosted more than 16,000 professionals in the fields of Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Post Production, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Government and Military, Sports, and the Academic World. This year’s event took place at The Studios at Paramount and was attended by such prestigious companies as 360Rize, 4Wall Entertainment, A.C. Lighting, AC Power Distribution, ASC/American Cinematographer, Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. to name a few.


The Exhibitors


360Rize specializes in virtual technology and media management software.

4Wall Entertainment specializes in the rental of lighting equipment

A.C. Lighting displayed their Chroma-Q Color-Force RGBA-fixtures

AC Power Distribution is a supplier of adapters, cables and connectors

ASC/American Cinematographer is the oldest and most respected magazine in the film industry

Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. is a maker of custom camera components


Noteworthy Seminars


Seminars and panel discussions where held at this year’s Cinegear as it has been in previous years. This year’s noteworthy discussions included:


“VR cameras A- Z” conducted by Radiant Images

“The Advantages of Lens Metadata Capture Throughout your Production” held by Zeiss

“Demystifying Log vs Linear, the power of 16 bit, and High Dynamic Range” held by Sony

“Large Format Cinematography with Leica Cine Lenses” presented by CW Sonderoptic & Leica

“Telling Stories with LED Lights” presented by IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers

“Documentary Cinematography: Challenges and Solutions from VICE using FS series camcorders” presented by Sony

“Shooting on the EOS C700: How Canon’s Flagship Camera Performs in the Field” presented by Canon

2017 Film Series Winners

Of course, the conference is all about innovation and the sharing of information between professionals in field of lighting/entertainment. However, innovation should be incentivized. This year’s big winner in the field of film were:

  • Student short film – “The Fare”
  • Independent short film – “Limbo”
  • Commercial and music video – “Cell Biology”
  • Rising Star Award Recipient – “Fragile Storm”


As long as innovation continues in our industry and as long as the public continues to desire the latest in entertainment technologies, Cinegear will continue to bring together professionals who will share information that improves and enlightens. Ratpac Dimmers is happy to be a part of that innovation.

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