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The Advantages of Using Wireless Technologies

Businesses are always in a race to find and exploit any technology that will give them a competitive edge and that will also best serve their customers. For several decades, now the preeminent technology that businesses have used to accomplish this goal is wireless communications. In fact, wires and cables have almost become technological dinosaurs. Some businesses and individuals still cling on to wires and cables and these devices do have their function. However, more and more they are being usurped by emerging wireless technologies. At Ratpac Dimmers, we are all about innovation and technologies that give our customers the edge over their competition and that increases the public’s appreciation and enjoyment of our products. For those few people who are not convinced of the virtues of wireless technologies – such as our wireless DMX control which uses Lumen Radio’s CRMX – here are just some of the advantages wireless tech offers.


  • Greater mobility: The elimination or reduction of wires means that equipment can be more easily moved from one area to another. This gives lighting designers, stage directors, etc., greater flexibility in the placement of technical equipment. Moreover, wireless systems can be more easily assembled and disassembled than wired setups.
  • Safer working environment: Fewer wires means that the number of trip accidents can be diminished which increases workplace safety.
  • Greater flexibility: It’s easier and quicker to add other components to wireless systems than it is with wired systems.
  • Greater reach: Wireless equipment can be connected in areas that would be difficult for wired networks. For example, many entertainment venues often have aesthetic styling considerations, which would make the presence of wires and cables impractical.
  • Lower cost: Wireless systems are often less expensive than wired systems since wires and cables are purchased on a perfoot cost. Moreover, wireless systems reduce the cost of installation and the time needed for re-routing and wire maintenance.
  • Greater scalability: The reach of wireless networks can be expanded more easily than a wired system. Moreover, this greater scalability means fewer workers are required for set up and installation.Wireless Dimmer


Yes, the advantages of wireless devices are obvious and explain why they have all but replaced wires and cables in many areas of business. The entertainment industry is just one of the many areas that benefit from this technology. Wireless makes life easier for technicians, artists and the public in general.

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