NAB Show 2017: Where Content Comes to Life

It all started back in the first part of the 20th century at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. There, Eugene F. McDonald Jr., who also launched the Zenith Corporation, founded the National Association of Radio Broadcasters (NAB). From these humble beginnings the NAB has risen to become the trade association representing commercial and non-commercial television and radio broadcasters. Today, the NAB thrives through its annual trade show which this year takes place from April 22 to 27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ratpac Dimmers will proudly attend this trade show which will combine the talents of broadcasters and technicians from around the world. Also, attending the show will be a number of prominent media personalities from organizations such as the NBA, the WWE, the United States Tennis Association and many others. In the past speakers have included people like Steve Wozniak, director James Cameron, Gary Marshall and Betty White.2017-show


The three areas of concentration for the NAB have been and continue to be advocacy, innovation and education. The key legislative and regulatory issues the NAB currently promotes are high speed wireless Internet service bandwidth allocation, protecting the rights of journalists and equipping mobile phones with broadcast capability for emergency preparedness.


As a company that is all about innovation, we at Ratpac Dimmers are especially excited to participate in the NAB trade show. We see it as a chance to exchange ideas, present our technologies to interested companies and share in the history of the organization. We will be there to discuss innovations in wireless technologies that aid film makers, directors, choreographers and broadcasters of all kinds.


Finally, education is perhaps the most important area of concentration for the NAB and its annual trade show. Educational tools utilized at the show will include live interactive webcasts, podcasts and presentation by industry leaders. All of these have the goal of providing broadcasters with the opportunity to hear about the latest technologies, broadcasting issues and business technologies.

Yes, this year’s event is expected to continue the tradition of advancing all three of the main goals of advocacy, education and innovation which has been a part of the NAB since it started in 1922. Technologies have changed but our commitment to improving the industry remains the same. A complete list of each day’s activities as well as a guest speaker’s list can be found at the following link. Join us there.