Ratpac Dimmers: How Our Commitment to American Made Products Helps You

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about outsourcing and the negative impact it has on American workers and the economy. At Ratpac Dimmers one of things we are proudest of is the fact that our dimmers are American made. The other thing we are proud of is that this fact does not take away from the quality of our products or their price competitiveness. Our strand dimmers, for example, destroy the myth that company’s can only thrive by using foreign made products. We only wish that other companies understood that American made helps the economy without sacrificing the quality or bottom line of American companies. Here are some of the other advantages there are in buying our dimmers here in America using American workers.


  • Creates jobs – American jobs are created when you buy American products. In fact, according to ABC News, if each American spent as little as $3.33 extra on US made products it would generate nearly 10,000 new jobs.flag-206886_640


  • Helps the economy – Layoffs that come about as the result of outsourced jobs hurt the economy and this in turn leads to unsustainable borrowing from other countries. A healthy economy leads to less debt for America.


  • Better for the environment – Manufacturing processes in America are much cleaner and environmentally responsible than in most other countries where regulations – if they exist – are haphazardly enforced.


  • Promotes safe working conditions – Many workers in foreign countries work under inhumane conditions such as long hours, child labor, low wages, etc. Buying from foreign countries promotes labor under these situations.


  • Promotes product safety – We’ve all heard horror stories about how some products made overseas contain toxins and other hazards that endanger public safety. In America, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ensures that manufacturing processes here abide by a set of strict safety regulations. When you buy an American made product you can rest assured that your product complies with these regulations.


  • Helps reduce international conflicts – Many countries where work has been outsourced have anti-democracy governments. Buying American made products helps to make sure that access to vital goods are not supporting political conflict.


Finally, we confidently place the quality of our products right alongside similar products made overseas. Moreover, a vibrant manufacturing sector incentivizes technological innovation. This innovation can give your company the edge it needs over its competitors. Our products reflect that innovation and this is one of the many benefits of purchasing our dimmers.