The PDB Series

The PDB12 gives end users the ability to do a hard reset of individual channels controlling their light remotely.  Modern lights are becoming computers with LEDs and like all computers/smart devices, they need a hard power reset from time to time.  Why chase down the power and reset power at the distribution box, when you can do it via Wireless DMX through our PDB12, PDB6 (220V)?  Modern Lights need a modern power and data solution; that is what you get with the PDB Series.

When it comes to technology, things change even faster because the advancement of technology is always getting adjusted to be made better.  In the film-making industry, the most important thing for producers and cinematographers to remember is that they have to make an impact.  What do they look for?  Well that’s simple, the most bang for their buck!  With that bang however; comes the factor of power.  As soon as you give something power you have to take into consideration that like every good thing, sometimes you have to give things a breather.  In technological terms, it’s called a hard reset.

Ever had a DVD skip and freeze your whole system to the point you’re forced to simply unplug the entire device or shutdown the device without the proper power off steps?  Well, it’s the ame concept.  Usually a shutdown process would include chasing down the power cord, and following the cord to a distribution box.  Wouldn’t production be made faster with the ability to do all of this chasing from the press of one button?  Well that’s what RatPac provides with the addition of the PDB12 to your set, you add the availability of doing it all through Wireless DMX.  By doing it via DMX, one button shuts it down from wherever you may be on the set.  So there is no need for someone to be a runner.  Save yourself the trouble, because the PDB Series has your back.  With the new PDB Series, you’re getting the newest technology every time, at any set.  Have the control of power all in the palm of your hand!


The Benefits of Wireless DMX

Did you know that the Wireless DMX system was originally developed for the military to encrypt radio signals?  In today’s modern world, Wireless DMX has become a source of technology that helps develop the importance of lights and cameras used during entertainment and video production.  If you are in the field of entertainment technology, than you are most likely familiar with DMX.  DMX is the communications protocol that was created by the entertainment industry in order to have a common language for lighting controllers to speak to lighting devices such as dimmers or color scrollers.


Dimmers:  Used as devices to lower the brightness of a light by changing the voltage waveform applied to the lam
p. It is made possible to lower the intensity of the light output.2016-12-19_1428

Color Scrollers:  Invented by Wybron in 1980, the idea generated from the concept that moving the mass of a gel frame took too much energy and machinery.  Moving the frames quickly meant that the frame had to be sturdier, which made it heavier.  Stage lighting is more effective when you have a
choice of colors from each light.  Color scrollers allowed more flexibility in the planning stage and less equipment on the operation stage.2016-12-19_1424

We are living in a revolutionary period in lighting, driven by the growth of LEDs.  Lights and cameras become smarter by adding functionality while the infrastructure used to power smart lights remains virtually unchanged.  All modern digital fixtures require both power and data at the fixture.  Live event power systems delivers data to modern lights but the systems are bulky and not suited for the film/TV world.  Our solution is the PDB series: power, data and wireless DMX in one box.  Wireless DMX is an interesting technology that is changing the way we light out shows and it is continuously helping us to work faster at a lower cost. There is so much more we can help you learn, contact our team here at RatPac Dimmers for more information on our Innovative Technology.