RatPac and Passengers


A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony, a part from our norm, transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in it
s sleep chambers. Two passengers are awakened 90 years early in this outrageous phenomenon. This Christmas, every moment counts. What if everything around you suddenly changed? Would you give up your life on Earth?

Crew includes: Morten Tyldum (Director), Thomas Newman (Music), Rodrigo Prieto (Cinematographer), Maryann Brandon (Editor), Luke Freeborn and John Collins (Art Directors).

RatPac products used: The gaffer onset used RatPac Cintennas to power gags on the set where wires could not be seen in the shot.


The LDI Show in Las Vegas 2016

There is nothing lighting professionals enjoy more than exchanging information and sharing their knowledge with other professionals and neophytes to the industry. Indeed, this is the best way that the science and art of professional event and theatre lighting can move forward. This year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas – which ran from October 17-23 – provided an opportunity for professionals to do that and to learn about some pretty awesome current and emerging technologies. It also set the stage for designers, programmers, technicians, riggers, electricians and technical directors and opportunity to submit their proposals for teaching a new generation the craft of lighting and cinematography. (Starting on November 15th, professionals will have an opportunity to submit a session proposal for LDI2017, which takes place the week of November 13-19, 2017 in Las Vegas.)
Events of the #LDI2016 included an awards ceremony on the APEX Stage – (Booth 1581), special events such as the LDI Booth Crawl and Scavenger Hunt, LDI en Español and LDI’s spectacular Live Outside – Technology for Outdoor Events & Festivals. The outdoor events were designed for more than just showing off stunning light displays. Their aim was also to educate and spread knowledge of this industry to beginners and professionals alike. For example, these outdoor events featured talks on safety and real time learning sessions.
The other aim of this year’s #LDI2016 was to help arena riggers, theatre rigger, electricians, and portable power distribution technicians enter the field. To this end, all four examinations were given on the 22nd of October. Finally, professional from prestigious companies such as TMB, Point of Rental Software, Enttec and USITT conducted seminars on topics ranging from inventory management to the future of stage lighting technologies. Yes, training and educating the future generation of artists and technicians in the industry was the emphasis of this year’s LDI2016 with even more training and educational opportunities anticipated for next year’s event.
At Rat Pac Dimmers, we appreciate and support the efforts of professionals who engage in and sponsor such events. In the past, many professionals have not only found a way to inform others about the products they offer and display, but also to learn themselves from their colleagues by simply sharing knowledge in the industry and improving the experience of concert and theatre.