Film Noir: It’s All About the Lighting

When it comes to filming a movie, there are many different filming styles and genres that one might choose from; when it comes to different filming styles, lighting is key; and when it comes to lighting, the dimmer packs you choose can make or break you.

You see, everything is connected. One wrong puzzle piece and everything can fall apart. Oh, but don’t worry, when you go with RatPac Wireless Dimmers lighting will be one puzzle piece that you can be completely confident in—but I digress…

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite filming styles: Film Noir. Talk about the importance of lighting! It’s the unique lighting techniques that give Film Noir its perfectly suspenseful movie magic. Below I’ve compiled a short list of facts, tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you’re going for a Film Noir look:"Double Indemnity""

Beyond the gumshoes and femme fatales— When we think about Film Noir we tend to think about the 1940’s fedora-clad private dick often-times being used by an irresistibly dangerous dame; but noir actually goes above and beyond this. More than a clear-cut genre, Film Noir is better defined by the intriguing visual style it presents and the carefully crafted story it tells. I would argue that noir can also be defined by the intense, suspenseful feelings the viewer is sure to experience when watching a noir film.

It’s all about the lighting—I mean, come on. When we’re talking about what is essentially a visual style, the lighting is obviously going to be paramount. It’s all about low-key lighting as well as emphasizing shadows and hard lighting. Imagine how difficult it must have been to get the lighting just right back in the early days of Film Noir. Lucky for you, these days lighting has gone wireless and RatPac Dimmers has a great dimmer rental catalog for you to choose from.

Lighting setups—There are plenty of lighting setups to choose from when you’re going for a Film Noir look, but these are two of my favorites: A foggy background which will enhance silhouetted figures and the classic shadowy figures. Both setups require intense, harsh lighting. The silhouetted figures will almost glow amongst the fog, while the classic shadowy figure in a dark alley offers the perfect level of suspense to set the mood.

Holiday Lights Reign Supreme

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means. Tis the season for joyous spirits, festive gatherings with loved ones, too much eggnog and of course, holiday lights! If you really think about it, the lights may be the most important part of the season. You line the edges of your home with twinkle lights; you light up reindeer and snowmen on your front lawn; you string lights around the Christmas tree and then top it off with a bright, shining star… I think you get the point—lights are the real stars of the holiday season. Lights add to holiday joy and make everything extra bright and cheery all season long.
This isn’t news to us here at RatPac Dimmers; we have always known how important lights are. I mean, we’ve basically dedicated our lives to lighting. While our "wireless dimmers" probably won’t be much help as you attempt to put your neighbors to shame with the best lights on the block, but they are exactly what you need to film that holiday movie you spent months perfecting.
Lights reign supreme in the real world holiday season, and lighting is definitely king when it comes to holiday movies. Think about all your favorite Christmas movies. No doubt they are filled with decked-out houses, cheerful moments that require bright, sunny lighting and/or perfectly lit moments of holiday clarity. Your holiday film is important to you and it requires the perfect lighting; our dimmer packs offer just that. So give RatPac a call today and we will take care of all your dimmer rental needs.