How many channels do you need?  1k or 2k (or more)?  Socapex or Edison out?  We've got it.

Meet our crew

If you think it's cool that the guy who built your dimmer is the same one who can help you troubleshoot it, you'll really be impressed to hear we do house calls!


Our people know their stuff and we're accessible.  Meet our techs, give us a call (yeah, our guys even talk on phones) and find out who will be traveling next.  Who does this?

RatPac Dimmers started when a rigging gaffer and an electrical engineer determined to design a dimmer that would be quiet enough to use on the set.  The idea caught on because everyone in the motion picture industry has the same need - to do the job faster and better for less.


Our whisper quiet design and portability allow you to save tons of cable.  Every feature is engineered to make rigging and lighting a set easier and faster.


We know the challenges of dimming because we used traditional methods for over 20, there's a better way!

Rigging Gaffer to Manufacturer

A 728 rigging gaffer with over 20 years facing budget challenges from production and limited options to meet them.  Meet Craig Brink, rigging gaffer, manufacturer, advocate.

Made in the USA

Isn't it nice to know that along with helping out your own budget you're also supporting American business and creating American jobs?


Manufactured by Innovative Dimmers, RatPac dimmers are made and distributed right here in the U.S.

Distributive Dimming

Placing dimmers where they're needed instead of hundreds of feet (or yards!) of cable away.  That's the basis of a better way to rig a set.


Read more about how it's done and the equipment that makes it easy...


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